Dating owens illinois glass

08 Feb

In Britain, there is evidence of a glass industry around Jarrow and Wearmouth dating back to 680 AD, while from the 13th Century, there is evidence of there having been a glass industry in the Weald and the afforested area of Surrey and Sussex around Chiddingford.

Up until then glass was seen as a craft rather than a precise science.

Today, glass making is a modern, hi-tech industry operating in a fiercely competitive global market where quality, design and service levels are critical to maintaining market share.

The hope is it will be undergoing testing by the end of this year.

Glass Futures is the brainchild of industry body British Glass, based in Chapeltown, Sheffield.

They cost millions to build and enormous sums to interrupt, and almost all run on gas. From our earliest origins, man has been making use of glass.However, the glass made during this time was highly coloured due to the impurities of the raw material.It was not until the First Century AD when colourless glass was produced and then coloured by the addition of colouring materials.