Dating older women in kenya

13 Feb

She says that she is including her young husband in her will after disinheriting her children, whom she accuses of neglecting her.Even where young couples marry there is always a motivation of financial or otherwise.As long as it is a WIN WIN situation what the heck is it to anybody else. Awinja Wameyo, Tunisia I support the union of the two.The marriage of politician Wambui Otieno to stonemason Peter Mbugua has generated such heated debate that Kenyans have temporarily forgotten their other pet subject: politics.The couple took their vows on Friday at the Attorney-General's chambers in Nairobi, with hundreds of curious people turning up to witness the unusual ceremony.

Controversial life Wambui Otieno, sister to Kenya's former foreign Minister, Dr Munyua Waiyaki, is no stranger to controversy.In her autobiography Mau Mau Daughter: A Life History, she says she had three children while a Mau Mau freedom fighter.And this is probably why some people are accusing Mr Mbugua of dishonesty, claiming that his decision may have been "economically motivated".