Dating columbia 45s

29 Jan

Again – refer to the “North of Pueblo” post for the entire story.

This 1957 ad casts some cloud on the ownership of Band Box – Although the accompanying text indicates that Vicky was the next buyer – interesting that the ad contact information indicates that Vicky (maiden name “A. Pasca) ” ran the ad so apparently she changed her mind and held on to Band Box.

Question is – when did she come into ownership in the first place I love the Band Box label and LP cover art. Here is what the granddaughter of Vicky Morosan (Band Box owner) Terri Hale relates regarding Clifford.

(Denver Post): “Back in the late 1950’s, Vicky answered a for-sale ad in the paper for a recording studio at East Sixth Avenue and Ogden Street called Columbine Records. Denver had its Sun Studio.“She would make demo records for whoever would come in the door,” Frances said. She put those records in her trunk and hauled them all over the country, the hard way.

A dispute over the name with behemoth Columbia Records got Morosan to change the label’s name to Band Box Records. She was just a working old fool.”” It is reported by this Denver Post article (on the local Denver-based movie “Gears, Grease and Guitars”) that Vicky moved Columbine to a building at 220 Broadway.

Entombment, Mount Olivet Cemetery.” Colorado record collector Rick Price sent me this scan of a Band Box record mailer.

Rick also reports having seen some Band Box 78 rpm pressings at some point!

The family did emigrate to the United States from Transylvania, Romania.

However, their Romanian name is Pasca, which means bread in Romanian.

The Band Box logo was first registered on January 8th, 1963.

According to trademark data, first use of the name/logo was in July of 1954 – a date that does correspond to the purchase of the company by Vicky as researched and reported on “North of Pueblo”.

Lisa Wheeler (North of Pueblo) sent me the scan of this very interesting record label from “Broadway Sound Productions” further identified as “Home of Band Box and Keyboard Records” which is obviously a very early release from the Broadway location.