Dating a recovering alchoholic

13 Feb

I started drinking seriously when I was about 13 in 1984 and then stayed pretty much drunk until the age of 37. It will be years before you can do anything with this land.If she’s sober, she’s probably feeling sick and the only thing on her mind is getting a drink. When she gets the drink, you’ll always be waiting because she will never simply have one drink.If you are standing in the way of the alcoholic and her fix, you’ll be sorry. She’ll guzzle until she’s wasted and then she’ll drink some more until she’s asleep.I quit in 2008 after I nearly died a couple of times; I was in so much pain with my liver that I had to roll out of bed onto the floor each morning and couldn’t even bend over to tie my own shoe laces. The water was merely the stuff that was making this area look picturesque.But when I finally managed to stop I had a shocking, negative epiphany: all I’d managed to do (bar save myself from dying of liver failure) was sort out the fact that I was hung-over and ill all the time. Submit to the disease and your life becomes incredibly simple. What you have left in its place is an area of outstanding natural horror.

Whatever it is, whatever you need, it all has to wait. Whether it’s something minor or something incredibly important, you can’t talk to her because she’s probably too drunk to care or she’ll be unable to comprehend the words that are coming out of your mouth. Moments that you think are tender, precious, funny or awesome…well,those moments and memories are yours alone.