Dating a man with bad credit

02 Feb

However, even if she only had a 600 credit score, I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation.If you’ve wondered why men tend to only date younger women, now you know it’s all the woman’s fault!In an earlier debate on Financial Samurai between “perfect grades vs.Unfortunately, my pursuance failed since she was two years my senior.Girls hate younger boys, which is why single men love growing old.

They encouraged me to stop messing around and start studying instead.

I also recall talking to my parents at the age of 14 about dating a real life princess. Zarina was of Malaysian royalty and my parents were fascinated by the potential.

Ever since I was a wily teenager, I’ve had the romantic notion of being with a woman I care about no matter what her financial circumstance.

My father used to subtly encourage me to meet some of his friend’s daughters who so happen to come from wealthier backgrounds. Only until I reached college did I realize he was trying to play match maker to ensure my financial well-being.

Or maybe they just didn’t like what we were up while they were still at work!

My parents didn’t say anything mean, they just weren’t supportive of my latest fling.

The problem arises if you plan to go in on a purchase that requires debt together.

The most common example is when it comes to buying a house with a mortgage.