Dating a former gang member

19 Jan

After running away from an abusive home environment and into the care of the Catholic Children's Aid Society in Scarborough, she has struggled to find her way.

A gangbanging couple had forced me into giving them free rides around Arlington so that they could sell and distribute cannabis.

Throughout that time I was not paid anything, I could not change peers, I was forced to do things, I was under heavy control, my movement was restricted, I had worked 16 hours/day and 7 days/week, I was forced to accept their dope so that I would always be in debt, I was exposed to dangers such as guns, thieves, and other gangbangers, I did not receive breaks except at the couple's dope clients' driveways, I had food and water restricted for the entire shift, I was not allowed to attend/study for classes at TCJC SE, and I was not allowed to date/look at females.

like Mr Hothead said, it depends if you have a criminal record and the severity of those crimes I'd assume.

The best advice I would offer would be to research the requirements for gaining admission, speak to some current officers for advice and above all else, be 100% honest and truthful regarding your luck Im a former gang member can i still be a cop?

Don't worry about the gang i used to be in im finally done with "gang banging" and i owe it to my mother that made me give up that life style.

I know many of these youngster in Arlington Bloods Crips Latin Kings 18st Surenos the are all the future we need to guide them and if no one is making a change then I WILL!!!

Im just need to know if I could get some kind of help to fix this problem we have. I oviously changed for the better I also want to make a change in my community and give back. I believe that people change some for better some for worse.