Cosmo tips dating

07 Feb

Anyone who's no stranger to online dating or the hell on Earth that is dating apps, will know there are certain things someone can write on their profile that just instantly turn you off.

We talked and texted for months, and he told me how much he was into me.

just know exactly what you’re doing." "It's very boring to be normal."Try things!

If any kind of office romance is off-limits and you’re not willing to jeopardize your job (or resort to finding a new one), stick with pure fantasy.

But you can go for it if you’re within the bounds of company policy or there’s nothing in writing.

Plus, your cubicle crush could one day be your long-term mate (full disclosure: I married my office fling! But if you’re gonna go for it, make sure you take a no-regrets approach and don’t hurt your career in the process.

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