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08 Feb

The hilarious two-minute video shows Mr Weir and his wife Rena Weir asking the device to play the 1980 the background, their 21-year-old grandson Josh Weir can be heard roaring with laughter.

Yves St Laurent Beaute Ltd (2000) 948 complaints - upheld The ASA agreed with public complaints that a poster ad for Opium perfume featuring a naked Sophie Dahl was sexually suggestive and likely to cause serious or widespread offence 9.

Department of Energy and Climate Change (2010) 939 complaints - upheld in part The ASA received objections that this TV and press campaign about climate change was misleading and scaremongering.

Mr Weir, 81, said: 'I had no idea what it was when I opened it on Christmas Day, thought it was a novelty gift.'I didn't know it was called Alexa so at first I was calling it Alexis and wasn't getting anything.'After half an hour of trying to get it to work my wife told me it was called Alexa but it still wasn't listening.'I don't know how many times I've looked at the video.

I still find it funny, it's because I can see Josh in the mirror - he was hysterical.'Josh Weir and his girlfriend Megan Shields, 19, had popped round to visit his grandparents on Hogmanay (New Year's Eve) at around 7pm.

“‘The Whole Chicken’ represents a step change for us, taking a bolder stance when it comes to engaging with our loyal customers and fans.” “It certainly looks as if we designed it, because it challenges anyone thinking of eating chickens to look these smart, sociable, sensitive, and beautiful birds in the eye and recognise that they’re individuals, not body parts to be battered as nuggets.