Carbon dating the turin shroud dating after one year

31 Jan

Non-believers could accept the fact that there was a man named Jesus Christ, at least. However, nothing is proved and much of the series is nonsense.

We're told Mary was a virgin both before and after Jesus' birth, so Jesus and other siblings were fathered by Joseph with other women.

Now, if Jesus is the son of Mary (Virgin Mother) and God (Holy Father) and James is the son of Joseph (father) and another woman (unknown mother), there is no DNA link between Jesus and James.

A better idea would be to combine the "Lost Gospels" as one "relics" episode.

The final installment should have offered a summary and conclusion, considering all the relics.

To believers it is the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, miraculously marked with his image.But the Turin shroud was widely dismissed as a hoax in 1988 when scientific tests found it could not be more than 1,000 years old. The promotion indicated there would be an examination of New Testament relics.

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