Cams no card

24 Jan

Writing data to a SD card physically and permanently damages the NAND chip.Overtime this causes the SD card to fail which can write lock the card preventing your dash camera from recording.TLC cards can overwrite itself 500 times before experiencing failures, a MLC card between 1500 to 3000 times.Reviews and reports on the Sandisk High Endurance card have been much stronger compared to Lexar’s High Endurance offering. Nearly all micro SD cards include a full SD adapter so it’ll work with your current camera. That’s 3-4 hours of 1080P recording which is more than enough for most drivers.When you change cameras you won’t have to buy a new card as the vast majority of dash cameras use micro SD cards. Any less and you pay more money per gigabyte and save only a few dollars. The speed class symbol represents the minimum writing speed to the SD card in megabytes per second.

The Sandisk High Endurance series is a great alternative if Transcend is too expensive or is unavailable where you live.

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