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25 Jan

Indian physician and author Deepak Chopra has written extensively on spirituality and is a champion in mind-body medicine.Louise Hay has had an incredible life story, from surviving rape at age 5 to curing herself from cervical cancer as well as being an early champion of support groups for people living with HIV/AIDS.She is the founder of the Hay House publishing company, which publishes books by others on this list, including Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer.The breadth of life and professional experience of these leaders spans across all levels of human interest and for this roundup we’ve selected motivational leaders actively using Twitter, not just as a marketing tool, but as a way to get you moving in the direction of your goals.Can a 140-character tweet possibly be the wakeup call you need to start living your dreams? Author Tony Robbins has been active for over 30 years and became well known through his infomercials and bestselling self-help books.

If you’re new to our online book club, people contribute various reactions and thoughts in various venues.For example, a bunch of folks responded to last week’s post in comments.As an entrepreneur, Jim Rohn became a millionaire by age 31 and over the past 40 years has shared his story with millions of people worldwide that seek the guidance of Rohn’s unique personal development philosophy.He’s helped launch the careers of other motivational speakers in this list, such as Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield.A high school dropout, Brian Tracy spent most of his early work years as a laborer around the world until he tried his hand at sales and became a VP at the age of 25.A board member of Washington DC public policy institute The Heritage Foundation, Tracy has authored several books, audio materials and even an online leadership course.