Boys jacking off chat room

21 Jan

Just as sex creates and maintains a powerful bond between a man and woman, sexual attraction is a powerful force. The point of distinguishing between sexual attraction and lust is that we do not want our sons harboring false guilt, always mistaking their attraction to girls as a bad thing.

The exact age when boys begin engaging in lustful fantasy varies from child to child, so this is a guideline, not a rule. Check out our course for more tips and advice about talking to your kids about sex.

(As I stated in my last article, I’m well aware that women and girls also masturbate, and yes, daughters should receive education about this as well.

When boys get to the age where masturbation becomes a habit linked with lust, how can Christian parents address the subject?

How can parents begin talking about masturbation with their sons?

For some men, masturbation is not an act associated with fantasy. Doug Weiss says there are some who masturbate and “stay connected” to themselves and only concentrate on the physical activity itself. For most pre-pubescent children, this is what masturbation is often like—unless they have been sexually abused or shown graphic pornography.However, for teens and pre-teens, sexual fantasy is the driving force of masturbation most of the time.“I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matthew ).When you begin talking about masturbation to your son, please remember that it is important to help a boy understand the naturalness and goodness of sexual attraction. The Song of Solomon is full of poetic examples of a married man enjoying the physical beauty and body of his wife.In the Old Testament, the term most often translated “lust” is the same word translated “covet.” In fact, the 10th commandment, which forbids coveting, draws out a possible sexual application: “you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife” (Deuteronomy ).In the New Testament the Greek word often translated “lust” is Jesus is clear that lust, like all sin, is hell-worthy.It should never be underestimated—and mixed with our sinful hearts, it can easily be twisted into lust. The point of distinguishing is not, however, to create an easy way for our boys to rationalize lust as “just attraction.” He needs to know lust is real, his heart is deceitful (Hebrews ), and lust can be very ensnaring.