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20 Jan

Best story to start with: "The Masseuse""Taking his left hand, Sergio opened the folds of Sami's outer lips, and just like that, slowly sank the huge sex toy deep inside of the middle aged woman's [vagina] until all eight inches were buried to the hilt. Bob stared at her dumbfounded as she discarded her top and stood there naked before him.

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This means the quality of material is (largely) better, and while the site's design is far from cutting edge, at least easy to navigate. We're told the site does not include stories involving a character under age 18 and no bestiality. He pulled her shalwar down her legs and she helped him, lifting up her [bottom] as he took it off. It's ad-free, so you won't get 45 browser windows full of porn popping up, but it's also un-moderated, which means anyone can post anything they want.

For help separating the wheat from the chafe, click on "Collections," where you can browse stories culled by other erotica aficionados.

), sharing these with the one you love, or indulging your sweet self at home all alone, here is Your Tango's list of with unbelievable sex stories:1. One of the few sites targeted to heterosexual women, Kara's has a small collection of stories, primarily involving consensual, one-on-one intercourse and oral sex. "This site has a large collection of stories with a broad range of themes and an interface that is easy to navigate, so you can quickly click on what you're looking for, whether it's erotic poetry or anal sex stories.

A collection of links points to stories with slightly more diversity, but still with hetero women in mind. Readers are also invited to rate each story, making it easier to find something good."I want Dave to stay,' said Cindy petulantly.

Long blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders to the small of her back.

She was completely nude..."This site caters to lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered people, and gay men.

WARNING: Because content is un-moderated and uncensored, some of it is extremely subversive. Best story to start with: ""Blindfolded, Kellie stood, precariously balanced.

Her legs were spread-eagled by a stainless steal bar strapped between her ankles.

Added: 01-Aug-2015 Wesley Dillon is the star quarterback of his football team.

He is tricked into doing something and he can"t get it off his back. Will he ever feel the same again, or will his life change for the better or worse?