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01 Feb

It’s a theme in American life right now, and other so-called democracies.”Transangelic Exodus was mostly recorded – as all Furman’s records have been since 2011 – at his bandmate (saxophonist/producer) Tim Sandusky’s Ballistico Studios in Chicago, and with the other Visions – Jorgen Jorgensen (bass, and on this album, cello), Ben Joseph (keyboards, guitar) and Sam Durkes (drums/percussion).

In the meantime, she also signed a contract with Reminder for seven years and was managed by Mo Gayle.

Enjoy this unique lady today with this excellent album ‘Rythmn N Gospel’.

Heavier than anything they’ve ever done and broken into 4 distinct sections, it’s new ground for a band that’s been pushing the boundaries of “fuzz and wah” since its formation in 1990.

“We are excited to get out and play this stuff, especially “Il Mostro Atomico,” says founding guitarist, Scott Hill.

The songs were recorded for Decca Records and backed by Lucky Millinder’s jazz orchestra.

Those were the first gospel songs ever recorded by Decca.

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