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18 Jan

The AIBO responded to over 100 voice commands and talked in a tonal language.

Differences include the use of PC-Cards for memory (rather than Memory Stick media), the use of two batteries, and the option to use a 2-wheeled "rolling module" in place of legs.

Estimated sales for all first generation models: 65, The first commercial AIBO. silver; began sales 1 June 1999 for delivery in August; limited production of 3,000 for Japan and 2,000 for the USA. Improved version of the original AIBO, initially released in November 1999 as a limited edition model. Headlights and LED near future-oriented design with.

Then the next person then asks, "Never Have I..." Rinse and repeat. Well other than the person who stays sober the longest.

Choose a category and compare your answers to the rest of the world.

Of course, this version of the game is a much milder version than those used for Kids or at a party.

An example of a work question could be, "Never Have I ever used the last coffee in the pot and not refill it".