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03 Feb

Still not sure I get Zvi’s additional analysis, but maybe someone else will write a blog post explaining his explanation.

Brands dedicated to controlling all day-to-day business for all Yum! You can direct your email or letter to one of the members of the executive team or board of directors at Yum! Brands COO Larry Gathof – Vice President Patrick Grismer – CFO Micky Pant – KFC CEO David Russell – Vice President Board of Directors David C.

Brands offers brands including KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.

How they do it, and how they’re leading the agriculturally sustainable future.

Evergreen State College, site of social-justice related protests, vandalism, and threats earlier this year, suffers major enrollment drop and budget shortfall, in what some commentators are calling the “Mizzou Effect” after similar drops at University of Missouri in a similar situation. Possibly related to various events at Berkeley not making things worse recently?

In case you’re wondering how accurate Twitter’s algorithmic moderation is: Japanese man banned for making death threat against mosquito.

Still in the process of looking this over, but seems interesting: two top British psychopharmacologists have a theory of what serotonin does in the brain based on 5HT1A receptors promoting “passive coping” and 5HT2A receptors promoting “active coping”.

Exciting if true given that a lot of our understanding of psychopharm has been held up by an inability to get a good feel for what serotonin is actually there for.

Melting Asphalt challenges the traditional theory of ads where seeing a picture of a guy drinking beer on a beach makes you associate beer with fun, so you go out and buy some beer because of how fun it is.

American Medical Association releases a statement supporting DACA, pointing out that “our nation’s health care workforce depends on the care provided by physicians and medical students with DACA status”. So it’s nice to be reassured that no, there is no way Cassini could possibly haved turned Saturn into a giant thermonuclear bomb.