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21 Jan

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When I worked at Ohio University, I reviewed research on sexual assault while serving on dozens of thesis and dissertation committees for the graduate students of my colleague Dr. Even with this background, my service on the Advisory Council and Campus Climate Survey Committee made me all the more keenly aware of the suffering that is associated with sexual assault. He wrote: Several years ago when Provo City was scarred with the unsightly saloon and other questionable forms of amusement, I was standing one evening upon the street waiting for my gang to show up when I noticed that [the Provo] tabernacle was lighted up and that a large crowd of people were traveling in [that] direction. This bird works as hard and as efficiently as any other animal in doing its daily work.

What added to my sorrow was the fact that here at BYU, even though we have high standards for our conduct, there are At Brigham Young University many years ago, there was a great athletic coach named Eugene L. He grew up in Provo and, as a youth, sort of drifted aimlessly with the wrong kind of friends. I had nothing to do so I drifted over [there] and drifted in. It provides for itself and its young by the sweat of its brow, so to speak; but when its daily work is over and the eagle has time of its own to do just as it pleases, note how it spends its recreational moments.

Celebrities, politicians, and corporate executives were among those accused of being perpetrators.1 The #Me Too campaign in social media2 and Time magazine’s selection of “the silence breakers” as the Person of the Year3 highlighted the increasing, sometimes controversial, focus on this issue.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, a newspaper for university faculty and administrators, recently started tracking sexual harassment stories as they came to light at universities across the nation.4 I watched these stories and others in the new year with particular interest, given two university responsibilities I have had over the last two years that focused on the issue of sexual assault.

To gather information, we set up a website where more than 3,100 people submitted feedback.

Though it took many hours, we read every response, some of which described personal, heartbreaking experiences.

I thought I might find some of my gang, or at least some of the girls that I was interested in. It flies to the highest realms of heaven, spreads its wings, and bathes in the upper air, for it loves the pure, clean atmosphere, and the lofty heights. This animal grunts and grubs and provides for its young just as well as the eagle; but, when its working hours are over and it has [some] recreational moments, observe where it goes and what it does.