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14 Feb

So when I talked with Ray Schwartz, co-founder of Red Light Center, NSFW I did my best to keep us focused on what .Because our lists always start at zero, the highest possible index in a list equals the length of the list minus one.In this example, we have connected our base List to the List Length-L input, showing that there are 6 values in the list.The Cull component (Sets/Sequence/Cull Pattern) removes elements in a list using a repeating bit mask.The bit mask is defined as a list of Boolean (true or false) values.

If you would like to run ad campaigns on Snapchat, please visit our Business Center.The List Length component (Sets/List/List Length) essentially measures the length of the List.The Weave component (Sets/Lists/Weave) merges two or more lists together based on a specified weave pattern (P input).