10 things not to do while dating

23 Jan

I am so glad I had the opportunity to see many parts of the world while I had the time, energy, and resources during my years of being single.There’s no better time to invest in yourself than when you are standing alone.Ask God to shape your passions, and then begin to take the necessary next steps.As I talk about in , the process of finding the right person involves knowing who you are and what kind of person will fit into your life.Start creating the life you want now, and you’ll easily recognize who fits into it when the time comes.

It’s the best thing you could possibly do for yourself.SEE ALSO: How to Pray for Love When You’re Single The time of singleness can be wasted, or it can be invested.Seek Out Ministry Opportunities: Whether serving God near or far, it’s often easier to get involved when you’re on your own.